About Us

About us

Rah-e- Madanyat (the path of civilization) newspaper; One of Afghanistan’s most popular newspapers was founded in 2011 in Kabul.This newspaper aims to support democracy, civil rights and peaceful society. Rah-e Madanyat newspaper with number (7) dated 21 Apr 2012 has been registered in the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The newspaper Rah-e- Madanyat is independent and does not belong to any political party or group. The Road to Civilization has had a special page since its inception in support of women’s rights and their human aspirations.

“From hidden struggles towards political participation”: Afghanistan women’s perspectives on peace and security, has been a series of interviews with active women, a special project of the newspaper Rah-e- Madanyat. These talks are aimed at highlighting women’s rights and their equal role in political and community participation:

“Youth, Leadership and Development” is another project of this newspaper, which was launched in the form of talks under the name of “Young Politicians”. These conversations focused on the active and healthy role of young people in politics and society with educated young people who have been involved in political and social work for the past 20 years.

These programs have been carried out with the financial support of the German Heinrich Bell International Foundation (HBS).

Cartoon is one of the most important genres of this newspaper. The Road to Civilization cartoon titled “Forbidden Corruption”, which participated in the UN World Competition “Political Cartoon”, won the fourth place in 2016 in this series of global competitions among the top 10 cartoons in the world. This was the first time in the history of Afghan journalism that a newspaper from this country achieved this success:

Rah-E-Madanyat is a credible digital source, accessible to all of its audiences. with latest news, reports, analysis and Articles provided by experts, free journalists and professional writers, Rah-E-Madanyat provides a wide variety of selections for its readers.

Publisher & CEO:
Asghar Eshraq
Email: eshraq@madanyat.media

Editorial Board
Mujib Rahman Atal, Sayed Amin Behrad, Asad Pazhman and Baktash Rawesh

Editor: Samia Eshraq

and the team of Reporters



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